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Your journal format should be single spaced within the internal link provided for our course, in 12 point font, and while there is no length requirement, at a minimum you should address #s 3 – 4 below with a paragraph each. A paragraph is at least 4 sentences long. Please write a journal entry using the situation below. Include your reaction, analysis, and evaluation.

The Situation: Consider applying to be a DCCC Scholar of Global Distinction (information regarding the program is located here: Outline in your journal all the reasons that support your applying as well as reasons you may have for not applying. However, note that statements such as “I don’t have time” (per our text, Chapt.1 – 6, do not demonstrate critical thinking skills and will not earn credit. Be sure you use the information at the link as well as the critical thinking tools in our text in support of your decision and be sure to reference these in your journal. Also, as a reminder, students in this course who apply and are accepted into the Scholars of Global Distinction program earn extra credit in this course (refer to our extra credit assignment section for more details).

2) Your Reaction: Describe your reaction to this situation. What influenced your decision?

3) Analysis: Analyze your reaction to the situation. In other words, state what was really going on in your thinking and your behavior. Why did you react the way you did? Use references from our text material in explaining your decision making process.

4) Evaluation: What can you learn from your analysis (implications)? How does this evaluation influence your decision making?

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