discussion question 1139

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For this week’s Discussion Question, reflect on a formal review that you have received, and consider the impact the review had on your motivation. Consider the information you received during the review, whether it was useful or a surprise to you, and any positive or negative aspects of the experience.

With these thoughts in mind and using the attached references.

prepare a response that addresses the following:

  • Compare and contrast the value of feedback from the formal performance review with more immediate and often less formal types of feedback communication— such as mentoring or coaching—that managers provide.
  • Explain the effect of the feedback on your motivation as an employee. Explain whether you understood the feedback you had received and the steps you took to develop your skills as a result of the performance review.
  • After considering the effect of feedback on your own motivation, discuss how you would handle situations where you, as a manager would need to provide negative feedback and the steps you would take to ensure you could maintain a positive work environment and help your employee continue to develop professionally.

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