How do unions like OCSEA/AFSCME, benefit working families, their local communties and the economy

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Type of paper: Essay
Paper details: Examples that demonstrate how this issue would have affected working american families.

Personal experiences: my moms a union worker in a prison, my father has never been apart of my life, so our household depends on her income and job security. She needs the union for safety since she works in a prison. The repeal of Senate Bill 5 by voting no on Issue 2 in 2011 was a victory for our household. Her last job (non-union) would send her home early for over staffing, so we were short money a lot. Other times they worked under staffed.
My goal is to get my associate of applied science, in Law Enforcement at Ohio University in Chillicothe. I plan on getting a job where there is a union and then I’m going for my bacholers degree in Criminal Justice.

Paper format: MLA 
Sources: 2

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