Find ways to improve this survey. There a large number of mistakes as well as areas of the survey…

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Find ways to improve this survey. There a large number of mistakes as well as areas of the survey that could be clearly improved (design flaws or weaknesses). You should be able to identify at least 25 areas of improvement. There are over 40 per the solution. Steps: 1.Number each mistake or design/wording flaw and then below the survey give an explanation of the problem and how you would improve it. 2.Submit the redesigned survey with the changes


What’s wrong

With this questionnaire

Name: __________________________________ Telephone: ____________________

The first few questions ask about the quality of your organization.

Number of employees in your organization.Include indeterminate employees only.

___ under 10 ___ 10 to 25 ___ 25 to 50 ___ 50 to 100 ___ 150 to 200 ___ over 200

Which of the following are elements of your organization’s quality plan?

_____ Cost reduction programs (e.g. through restructuring, downsizing, etc.)

_____ Retraining and upgrading employees’ skills

_____ Improved education and involvement of employees

_____ Less internal waste and error

_____ Increased capital investment

_____ Higher quality products and services

_____ Other

1.2.1    Which would you say are the three most important?                  Why?

Are any of them part of a written plan that includes measurable goals, time frames,

responsibilities, and budgets?

                        Yes o                          No O

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements

Organizations should have a quality management plan                Agree O          Disagree O

Organizations should have a mission statement                           Agree O          Disagree O

Organizations shoud provide training for employees                               Agree O           Disagree O

Organizations should not conduct employee opinion surveys      Agree O           Disagree O

Bus should provide regular feedback to employees

            The next set of questions covers how your organization deals with specific quality issues and the ways     in which employees learn about management practices such as TOM.

In 2004 did your quality management group meet to discuss any of the following issues?

Product quality

Employee morale or employee involvement

Customer satisfaction

Planning for improvement

Implementation of improvement plans

If yes, how much time was spent? _____%of total time            If no, go to question 3.1

How do employees find out about management practices?

? Attending courses and seminars                                            _____% of total time

? Participating in management meetings and retreats?   _____% of total time

? Reading magazine articles/books on TOM                _____% of total time

Total quality management includes many different techniques and practices.

These questions are about the practices that your organization uses.

3.1       Does your organization have a mission or a vision statement?     O Yes             O No

3.1       Does your company assess training needs annually?                               O Yes             O No

3.2       Are you in favour of not having a mission statement?      O In favour         O Against

3.3       Do you use process control?   No       Yes

Quality assurance system with which your company is registerd.

O CSA Z299               O ISO 9000               Other (please specify) _____

Please rate the following systems for employee involvement and feedback.

Excellent         Good        Satisfactory     Poor

Formal mechanisms for employees

to offer ideas and make suggestions                        1                     2                   3                 4

Employee recognition and awards                          1                     2                   3                 4

Employee opinion surveys                                      1                     2                   3                 4


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