Public Speaking

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Responses that are merely compliant – answering each question but offering no useful insights or thinking – will not earn any points. This is EXTRA CREDIT, so why not avail yourself of the opportunity to grab 10 easy points?

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer each of the following questions in a short paragraph or two (two at the most). If you wish to make your responses private, send them to me in an e-mail.

Question #1: We are now in week EIGHT of this course – beyond the halfway point. What have you learned about public speaking that you feel might be useful to you as you progress through your collegiate life?

Question #2: In a course in which acquiring greater facility with speaking is the main goal, student participation in the form of speaking in class (in a variety of ways) has to be a central component to course success. How satisfied are you with your level of participation thus far? Why? Your answer might include addressing what you think you might do differently in the weeks we have remaining, OR, suggestions for what I can do to facilitate a greater investment in participation from you.

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