Organizationa Project Managerial Decision Making

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Research your chosen company.  Find a minimum of one library source, which will support your thesis in this assignment.  Review your assigned weekly lecture and text reading.  Select from this reading 3-5 key concepts, which will also support your thesis.  In a two to three page paper, address the questions below.  Your paper should follow APA format including a title and reference page.  The two to three page paper length requirment does not include the title page and reference page. 

1. Describe some key decisions its management has faced within the past year or two.

2. Identify an ethical issue the organization either faces or has faced in the past.

3. If it has not been resolved, provide an analysis of how the issue should be addressed.

4. If it has been resolved, critique how the organization resolved this issue based on the materials you have reviewed on ethical decision making.

The company I have chosen is Nucor.

Please talk about about these five things: corporate culture, managing ethics, managing social respomsibility, planning, and managerial decision making.


The book is

Daft, Richard L. (2014). Management (11th ed.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage learning

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