Quiz 6 1. Question : The Control Risks provides outputs to __________ Process Group(s): the…

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Quiz 6
1. Question
: The Control Risks provides outputs to __________ Process

the Closing
the Planning
the Initiating

Question 2. Question
: The Control Risk process receives inputs from and provides
outputs to the ___________ process.

Perform Quality Assurance
Monitor and Control Project Work
Validate Scope
Direct and Manage Project Work

Question 3. Question
: Which is not a data input to the Control Risk process?

Direct and Manage Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Develop Project Management Plan
Identify Risks

Question 4. Question
: If the probability of a risk occurring changes, you should
update the:

Influence diagram.
Risk register.
Probability and Impact Matrix.
all of the above.

Question 5. Question
: Risk register updates may include outcomes of the following

risk reviews.
risk assessments.
risk audits.
work performance data.

Question 6. Question
: Which of the following risks should be just monitored?

Low-risk opportunities
Low-risk threats
High-risk threats
High-risk opportunities

Question 7. Question
: The risk score helps the project team:

select responses to risks.
examine the degree to which a risk is
determine areas most exposed to risks.
develop responses to near-term risks.

Question 8. Question
: The process of evaluating risk process effectiveness is
performed in the ____________ process group.

Monitoring and Controlling

Question 9. Question
: Quantitative risk analysis:

develops options to reduce threats.
prioritizes risks for further analysis.
defines how to manage risks.
numerically analyzes the effect of identified

Question 10. Question
: Risk threshold refers to:

the degree of risk that an organization will
the degree of uncertainty an entity is willing
to take in anticipation of a reward.
adopting an aggressive resource optimization
the measures along the levels of uncertainty
at which a stakeholder may have a specific interest.

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