2 part question 13

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Part 1.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Technology is used every day in many different aspects within an organization. How has technology influenced product and brand development? Select a brand and discuss one way technology has influenced the brand. What was the purpose of the technology? Do you think it was/is utilized to the best of its ability?

Part 2. Respond to these . Does not have to be a long response.

1. Technology is vital in today’s society. The purpose of technology is to create an innovative effective way for people around the world to access a plethora of things such as products, and many different services. Technology has influenced brand development by changing the way brands promote and market their products. Technology has a big impact on consumer behavior and in order to reach the high demand, brands must rely on technology and social media to get their products familiarized. Technology has single-handedly changed the way brands reach target consumers.

Apple is a brand that technology has influenced greatly. Some feel that Apple itself has changed the way technology is viewed around the world. Each year, Apple releases a series of updated products that ignites excitement with consumers. Many consumers stand in long lines in order to purchase the new Apple Iphone because it is marketed as having the new and improved technology gadgets needed to keep up with the ever changing society. I believe that Apple is utilizing technology to the best of their ability because their brand is basically based on technology alone.

2. Technology has influenced different aspects in an organization and has product and brand development. The digital revolution in brand marketing does not just give people a new way of doing things, but a new way of thinking. New ways in technology is a change created in peoples perceptions, and opens up different possibilities that are available in everyday life. Digital expectations are now the norm for all forms of marketing. Empowerment is learned from technology.

The purpose of technology is to solve problems of energy, space, matter and it is successful. It does solve human problems of the mind when it comes to communication and ability or it could backfire.

Technology was utilized to the best of its ability and can achieve significant improvements in productivity. It has the power to transform teaching by ushering in a new model of connected teaching. Since it has improved our lives from simple to complex tasks it makes services and jobs work easier, with the progress of video, messaging, chatting, self-service and even customer service that what makes it a very powerful tool.

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