him professional s role in compliance

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Two parts to the discussion board post

Week 3 Discussion: HIM Professional’s Role in Compliance

In healthcare, compliance generally refers to adherence to federal statutes and regulations designed to prevent unjust financial enrichment and patient privacy breaches by healthcare providers or organizations.Staying abreast of compliance requirements continues to be a challenge for those responsible for the management and integrity of healthcare information.


Describe the role of the HIM professional in supporting an effective compliance program.Why do you think that healthcare fraud and abuse is such a significant problem?What mechanisms would you implement to ensure that staff members are encouraged to report suspected or actual compliance violations?


  • To discuss the importance of compliance in healthcare.
  • To communicate how you would implement mechanisms for reporting violations.
  • To demonstrate your knowledge of the role HIM professionals have in supporting an effective compliance program

2) Cloud Computing in Healthcare

You will have the opportunity to discuss the storage of patient information in the cloud – discussing the benefits and risks of cloud computing. Before participating in the discussion, you will need to read the following articles and watch two videos that provides the framework of this discussion:

Here are the questions you need to discuss:

1. Is cloud computing the future of healthcare and the storage of health information?

2. Do you think the benefits to cloud computing outweigh the risk?

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