nutr amp 101 discussion 2

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Week 5 Discussion

By Wednesday, please answer the following for 7 points.

Answer the following. Click on reply, type in your text and then click on submit.

  • Make two short lists. One lists your heart healthy habits and the other lists your not-so-healthy heart habits. This is not an exhaustive list – just the habits that pertain to heart health.
  • What healthy lifestyle habits can you replace for the not-so-healthy habits you listed?
  • What is the danger of continuing these habits?

Grading Rubric:






Post is has 0-2 spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

Post is organized and well supported. It is accurate, original and relevant. Post stimulates additional thought about the issue under discussion. Documentation is provided if necessary.



Post lacks at least one of the above qualities, but is average in quality and contributes something to the discussion.



Post provides little or no connection with course materials. Posts based on personal opinion or experience often times fall here. However, 1 point posts may provide important social presence and contribute to a collegial atmosphere.



Post is not complete or adds little to no value to the discussion board.

-1 – -3

Assignment is late

I will take off points depending on how late the post is. If it is one day late (-1). If it is a week late (-3).

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