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i want you to write 3 paragraphs answering these question it doesn’t need to be long paragraphs.

1) Utilizing the readings by Anne Collins Smith and Simone de Beauvoir, describe the difference between liberal feminism and radical feminism. In which category would you place de Beauvoir? Explain your answer.


2) Throughout the course, you have seen these contrasting formulas presented:

A – r – B

a – R – b

Explain how these have been used to identify different understandings of relationality, and give examples from Buber, Ricoeur, or other readings to illustrate that difference.


3) Choose one of the following course readings from Harry Potter and Philosophy:

Amy Kind, “A Pensieve for Your Thoughts? Harry Potter and the Magic of Memory”

Scott Sehon, “The Soul in Harry Potter”

Gregory Bassham, “Choices vs. Abilities: Dumbledore on Self-Understanding”

Describe briefly the topic it treated and at least two of the main points it was making. Then explain how the use of Buber’s relational philosophy might help to deepen understanding of the topic and points treated.

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