easy short paragraph 6

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Please respond to two of the following prompts.

Prompt 1

  • Locate three blogs on a topic that interests you. Review one recent post on each blog, as well as the About Me information on the blog. Analyze the persona of each blogger and the nature of the blog. Does the blog provide useful information? Do readers respond with comments? Would you take the time to visit the blog again?

Prompt 2

  • Find a technical company that uses a social networking site like Facebook to communicate with their customers. How often do they post? What are the posts about? How do their followers respond? What is the advantage of using a social networking site to market to your audience compared to a static website?

Prompt 3

  • Describe some of the dangers, problems, and legal and ethical issues that employees might encounter when they blog

Prompt 4

  • Explain what some of the guidelines are for participating in discussion boards. What experience have you had using discussion boards?


Initial Post

  • Minimum 150 words
  • Include at least one reference from the text or outside source in your analysis

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