i have two videos first one is a movie called salt of the earth second video called 1932 l idee berthold bartosch frans masereel arthur honegger can be found on the youtube

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1/ What was the idea incarnated by the woman in the philosophical 1932 animated film? Was the meaning of any scene(s) clear or unclear to you? If so, which one(s)? What message and relevance, if any, does it have for our times and place? this question need to be answered after watching this video called

(1932) L’Idee [Berthold Bartosch, Frans Masereel, Arthur Honegger

2/ What is the Hegelian dialectic and the meaning, in your opinion, of the proposition that history is fundamentally the striving of the Spirit for its own freedom? How are that proposition and dialectical conflict revealed in Salt of the Earth? this question need to bw answer after watching the movie called Salt of the Earth. Year 1954 , Filmmakers Herbert J. Biberman

Salt of the Earth

just answer these questions. Does not need to be long. as long as you answer these question I’m good with that.

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