opinion piece essay

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The essay needs to be written in double space (paragraph format) and the size of the writing should be 12.

Like every essay, your opinion piece should have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. I suggest you to look at the newspaper you follow regularly and find the opinion section of the newspaper. If you have an opinion writer who you follow that is even better. Find one piece and read it with an intention of replicating the exact format of the piece but written about the topic you choose.

you will need to collect some information on the subject you chose. It can be some data on some indicators (Such as unemployment, GDP predictions, public opinion on issues such as healthcare, taxes, bailout, stimulus packages, etc.), and especially focusing on the change. It can be an event or multiple events that are very salient for your topic. In other words, you will need to gather some data about the outside world.

TOPIC: Healthcare Policy – Universal healthcare for all; insurance coverage; private vs. public insurance

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