personal value statement

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Write out a personal values statement for the sort of person you wish to be. List virtues you wish to develop more, and vices to weed out. In short compass describe the person you wish to be, and the sorts of actions to get you there, starting even now as a student. Explain how the concepts we’ve discussed in class factor into this. This is basically a systemization of your world view. Please feel free to use concepts you have written on in previous papers (although try to be original in writing it here. No copy and pasting).

Does God’s existence (or lack thereof) have bearing?

Does materialism or dualism shape how you view your mind and free will?

What ethical system do you find most attractive and does your concept of free will inform your ethical system?

Why does your position make better sense than the alternatives?

You will be graded on the following: 1. Is it internally consistent? 2. Is it externally comprehensive? 3. Does it answer all the questions? 4. Also on your understanding of the material taught in class that you mention. 5. Why your position makes better sense than the alternatives (your argument should attempt to persuade the reader).

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