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Research Critiques

Note: You need to write three critiques to complete your research requirement. You can find all the research articles on Classes (Resources→Research Requirements→Articles for Read-Write Option).

I. Format and Submissions

This paper is to be a two-page, double-spaced paper, 1-inch margins, and Times New Roman, Font

Size 12. Name your document FirtAuthorLastName_YourLastName_YourFirstName.

You have to submit the paper on Monday, May 11th, 2020 by 11:59PM the latest. You should send the critiques, attached to the email body as word documents, or as Google Docs, to V., at vivienne.badaan@nyu.edu. Please note that we will be checking for plagiarism (through TurnItIn.com), so make sure you present your own ideas and arguments, and please do not copy/paste from the article text – not even to quote. Always paraphrase or reword to present your thoughts instead of quoting.

Writing style matters – you should use clear, scientific language. Try not to use language embellishments as it is good practice to present ideas in a straightforward manner. Be as succinct as you can while presenting full, coherent, grammatically-sound sentences.

II. Parts of the Critiques

1. Summary

The first thing you should do in your paper is briefly summarize the article. The summary should look something like a shorter abstract of the paper, in your own words. It should present in a few sentences (usually no more than 150 words total) the gist of the theory, method, findings, and conclusions.

2. Strengths

Following the summary paragraph, we would like you to write a brief (2-3 sentence) paragraph with a few key strengths of the article. These strengths can be about any specific section of the paper or about the paper as a whole. Please be thoughtful of which strengths you choose. They shouldn’t be inconsequential to the integrity of the research study as a whole, but rather the shining stars of the research paper, its methodologies, and its contributions.

3. Critique

In the rest of the paper you should describe and address two main weaknesses of the article. You should indicate what the weakness is (make sure to say which experiment you’re referring to if that is where the weakness is), explain why it is a weakness (why does it matter?), and finally propose a way that this weakness could be rectified or improved in future research studies.

Try your best not to have both critiques be about the same section of the paper. That is, there are four sections from which to choose – (1) Introduction/Theoretical Background, (2) Method, (3) Results, and (4) Discussion/Conclusions. For example, your first weakness could come from the Method, and the second from the Discussion/Conclusions, but both cannot come from the Method.

You should take care to read the entire paper as you probably do not want to identify a weakness in a study that is addressed in one of the later studies in the paper or that is explicitly mentioned by the authors themselves. The stronger and more thoughtful and coherent your arguments are, the better your critique will be. We encourage you to think critically. A big part of science involves peer reviews that provide critiques similar to yours and that eventually enhance the quality of the work we as researchers produce!

Below is the articles u can chose

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