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topic:nba in chinese market

Do be sure to hand in a neat, formal paper with proper margins, page numbers, proper MLA Documenting Style, 12- point type, etc. Presentation counts! (Which is not simply a nice cover, colorful graphics, pretty font, etc). See the sample essays in Appendix A & B in The Curious Researcher— these are indispensable.

Don’t write a paper that is solely based on a definition (“What Are Black Holes?” “What Is Organic Food?” —Papers like these tend to produce dry and boring, encyclopedic results). Papers with topics like, “What Is Pancreatic Cancer, and What Are the Treatment Options?” tend to produce papers that sound like dull medical manuals, rather than essays with a variety of ideas. You should find a more interesting and engaging question to ask in your thesis. A thesis engages the reader’s mind in critical and conceptual thinking. If your field of study is in the sciences, and you want to write a science-based research paper, make sure you do not write a paper about how to get proper dental care, or a paper that simply lists causes and treatments for a disease. Listing such things is not an essay, but a “report.” Be sure you know the difference. Ballenger discusses this in the Introduction of his book, in the section called “Discovering Your Purpose” on p. 4). Also beware of the “business report”: “Market Trends in the Airline Industry” or “How is Social Media Re-shaping the Hotel Business?” These papers often rely too heavily on trade journals and financial reports, and are rarely yield an engaging, readable essay that explores conceptual ideas like those examined in James Baldwin’s “Stranger in the Village,” or David Foster Wallace’s “Consider the Lobster.”

Don’t write about something you already know a lot about, unless it is an area that you have not ever looked into. The whole point of this paper is for you to learn some things you don’t know. See chapter 1 in The Curious Researcher.

Don’t burden your paper with a lot of statistics and/or charts. Statistics (percentage of adolescents who suffer from depression; how many home games the Yankees won in 1948; average length of time for hospital visits for elderly women in 1990 in the U.S.; ratio of dog-owners to cat-owners in NYC, etc) are only of value when you follow them with detailed explanations of what they mean. This is where analysis (your own, combined with experts’) and interpretation come in. Critical thinking (analysis, interpretation, original ideas, etc) is absolutely essential.

Don’t change your topic in the final three weeks. If you feel the need to, contact me immediately, and we will discuss your options. Often it is not the topic that is a problem but rather how you have framed your thesis question. In any event, do not change your topic without clearing it with me first. I will not accept changed topics without my approval. If I do approve a changed topic, you will need to re-do the homework exercises and outline for your new topic.



Don’t number your cover/title page, if you use one (not required). Page one is the first page of your written text. 10-15 pages means pages of writing. Your “Works Cited” page(s) at the end are not part of the 10-15 pages. If you include any graphs or charts, be sure that these do not replace writing.

Don’t plagiarize. At this point in the semester, I know students’ writing styles, and can easily spot the difference between your work and that of someone else. Plagiarism can often be unintentional, so be sure that you fully understand what the term means (it’s on your syllabus). Study Chapter 3, of The Curious Researcher closely. It’s not worth it.

Don’t write a paper that makes only one point, then lists paragraph upon paragraph of examples. A thesis needs to develop, grow, and evolve. Again: A thesis engages the reader’s (and writer’s) mind in critical and conceptual thinking

Do feel free to balance this paper with the personal and the factual. While this is not an opinion paper, show how the information matters to you.

Do hand in every draft that is assigned. Any missing drafts will have a negative impact on the grade of the final draft.

Do use roughly 6 (minimum) to 12 sources, and vary them (books, academic journals, internet, interviews, etc) if possible. Use at least one primary source. Focus mostly on peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and beware of internet (un)reliability. Do not use encyclopedias (including Wikipedia) as a source.

Do have fun with this project: Explore, discover, teach yourself something.

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