discuss breaking night

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Chapter 2: Middle of Everything:
Why doesn’t Liz tell her mother the first time Ron abuses her? When she does tell, what happens that she blames herself for?

Chapter 3: Tsunami Weather
What did Liz learn from Kevin?

1. Chapter 4: Unraveling
Describe the behavior of people employed by the child welfare system in the novel. What is Liz’s opinion of these people?
2. Chapter 5: Stuck
Who is Samantha, and why is she important to Liz?

Respond to Chapters 1-5

Through your reading so far, have you found yourself naturally comparing your own childhood (or the lives of your children, if you have them) to Liz’s? Has this changed the way you look at obstacles in your own daily life?

Note 1: Always edit carefully before submitting because your response will serve as an example to the rest of the class!

Note 2: You have the freedom of speech and expression in this course, and I encourage you to speak powerfully. I also urge you to choose your words carefully, be clear with your intended meaning, and be respectful of ideas and cultures(china) that may differ from your own.

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