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The study of criminology, of criminal behavior and of its causes is rooted in research.


Your project is to read ONE of the assigned research paper (IN ANGEL), and provide a 2-3 (TYPED/double-spaced) page overview of the findings.

Your typed paper should include the title of the research project and:

  1. the theory/hypothesis

  2. the research method

  3. the findings

  4. your opinion of the findings- AGREE OR DISAGREE? BACK UP


I will be looking for your ability to interpret the research and articulate your argument for or against the research findings. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER- I’M LOOKING FOR “SUBSTANCE” IN YOUR WRITING!!!!!!!

These papers will be graded on the following criteria:

*familiarity and comprehension of material *ability to analyze material *organization, clarity of thought and originality 



My Topic I choose is Strain Theory- Juveniles. Attached is the article this research needs to revolve around. Please no plagiarism 




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