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MGT 412 – Project Instructions

Organizational Behavior MGT 412-OLO2

Students will submit a 5 to 6 page research paper and create a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 10 slides.

Students are required to write a 5 to 6 page paper using APA style. Note that 5 to 6 pages means 5 to 6 pages of double-spaced written material with 1-inch margins left, right, top and bottom, and Times New Roman, 12-point font. The cover sheet or long quotations will not count toward the 5 to 6 pages. See the Composition Grading Criteria link in the Start Here menu for complete details on evaluation criteria.

Overly general research areas for the project are listed below. These areas reflect broad subjects discussed in the course textbook. Specifically, students should research an exceedingly narrow topic within the list, a topic focused enough to be covered adequately in such a short paper. The essay should describe the impacts of, and ramifications for, your narrow topic only where organizational behavior and development is concerned. The instructor will be looking for:

Research paper topic Styles of leadership

(a) a narrow, carefully crafted thesis statement, and(b) a highly descriptive, detailed essay title that mirrors the thesis statement.

As the thesis drives a paper, many points will be deducted if a student fails to follow these instructions. Please contact the instructor if you are in doubt. He or she would be happy to help you to refine your thesis statement consistent with the objectives of the assignment.

Submit the project to the Assignment box and no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 5.

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