statistical analysis on existing data

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The data is given in the excel down below. It shows the working hours on a major that students take in a week and the department that major is in. I would like to make statistical analysis of majors working hours compared to the major department and see which of the social science and natural science will take more efforts. I would need mainly 2 parts on this statistical analysis from you.

1. Numerical Summary. Basic statistical analysis like mean, median, t test, p value and IQR etc. are required for both two departments, and if possible list out how this numerical result explain or is related to the main idea of the analysis. Also diagrams that help to see the relationship like box plots or other kinds are required. original diagrams are needed.

2. Statistical Inference. confidence intervals and hypothesis testing are both required. specific explanation and procedures are needed. For hypothesis testing, each of the 5 steps should be clearly explained. feel free to add on other inference if necessary.

There is no need for the introduction. However, if there are some conclusions after the 2 parts that are helpful to the big idea, please address them at the very end. Thank you so much

check out the guide document for more specific explanations and requirements.

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