12 lines poem

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As discussed yesterday in class, and as demonstrated in the poems at the following links, a poem can be about something as “unpoetic” as pig farming or washing the dishes. The important thing can be for us to write what we know, what we can feel in our bodies, what we understand. David Lee knows about loading a boar. Al Zolynas knows about doing the dishes. All of us know about something (many things, but for this poem choose ONE), even if it’s as “mundane” as taking out the trash or pulling weeds. For this assignment, write a short poem or story about something you know very well. It may not sound, to someone else, like the “appropriate” topic for a poem, and that’s the whole point! Make your poem a minimum of 12 lines (you may also write a story if that feels more natural than poetry to you). Try to weave in at least a little simile or metaphor, like Zolynas does when his poem’s speaker looks through the wine glass.

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