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Artist Research




100 points (content=60, links=25, citation=15)




It’s mandatory to undertake a short research project exploring an artist’s work in juxtaposition with their own interests, artwork, and overall creative practice. The artist’s work should incorporate with digital media or experiences.The research will be determined by your exploration of the subject, collection of evidence, handling of prose, and proper citations. 


The writing should focus on your own personal idea. Such as how you interpret the artist’s concept, what do you learn from the works? Why do you like or unlike about this artist? How do the artist influence your own art? And etc.…. Please insert some images in the document if you are writing about a specific work.


Research essays must be between 500 and 1000 words. You must include a minimum of five research citations (not just wikipedia) and links to any digital images, websites, or moving image or sound files.


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