annotated bibliography only a summary of each source is required 6 sources total 1

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Annotated bibliography

You need to view the poem “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson through a lens of literary or poetic devices. Such as symbolism or foreshadowing is preferred.

Find sources to help support the thesis and introduction which is

“Despite all these accolades, Richard Cory went on to commit suicide. Wealth and suicide are emphasized throughout this poem to portray that no matter how successful a person appears to be, the state of their inner being is unknown to all, but them self. Richard Cory is admired by his neighbors because he appears to be perfect on the outside, however what is not seen is his psychological well-being that ultimately results in him committing suicide.”

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – Only a summary of each source is required. 6 sources total – 4 MUST be scholarly sources.

MLA Format!

For each summary of the source, write 5-7 complete sentences that

provides most of the following:

1. Author credibility.

2. Main focus or purpose of the work.

3. Briefly describe the content.

4. The best possible audience for the work.

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