art history writing 3

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You will use Google Art Project to select one work of art for visual analysis. You must find an artwork or object either from Prehistoric, Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Republic or Roman Empire.

You will browse the site and identify a work of any artist or medium that interests you and that you feel exemplifies the visual elements and principles of design discussed in class.

You will examine the work selected and identify and discuss at least three visual elements and three principles of design. Some sample questions to get you thinking: How does the artist use line in this artwork? How does the artist use shape? Are there various textures present? Is the artwork analagous, complementary, or monochromatic? Do the colors create a sense of unity or are there many hues that create a sense of variety? Consider any techniques the artist uses to create a sense of depth. Does the artwork in some way communicate the passage of time?

Please include a small image of or a link to the selected work with the tombstone information (artist, title, date, medium) and a brief explanation (a few sentences, at least) of which visual elements or principles of design are used in the work. Be sure to cite specific examples in your response. Don’t just tell me that you observe line in the work. WHERE do you see line and HOW does the artist use it?

Responses should be in your own words, approximately 350-500 words. No copying and pasting or paraphrasing from the internet or any other sources (don’t even think about using wikipedia, reddit, magazine sources,, etc). I’m interested in YOUR observations only.

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