Article about the Middle East

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1. Start by finding an article from a reliable Internet News Source describing a current event in the Middle East. From the article identify the location where the event took place. Be sure that you know where the event actually took place, not the location of the news bureau that reported the event (sometimes reported as part of a news story byline).

2. Once you have identified your event write a blog post using these guidelines.

In the entry:

1. Summarize the current event without giving too many details; summaries mention main points only

2. Briefly discuss the overall development and character of the event and provide some additional background information to give the class a sense of the impact upon the people of the specific area you are discussing and the challenges that the event under consideration has produced

3. Briefly give your opinion of the event

4. Include the following information: Article title, date, news source used. Post the hyperlink to the article you have summarized.

*You`ll have about 5 hours to finish it. Please stick to the deadline. This is very important.

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