clas 280 classical mythology in art and literature

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Essay style: MLA format

Length: 6 pages

Most have a thesis in the first paragraph, give evidence in supporting paragraphs, always tie your paragraphs back to the thesis, do not engage in much plot summary, short quotations are ok if you need them to make a point

Engage with your sources, look at the text, think about the text, cite the text in your work; please do not try to write your paper by making vague generalizations

Use your imagination. What interests you about the characters you have studied? Following your own curiosity will usually lead you to write a better paper.

Please do not use secondary sources without my approval. Many internet sources on Greek myth contain false or misleading information.


Compare and contrast some examples of the similarities or differences in the way Ovid portrays the unwanted sexual advances of male characters, esp. Apollo, Pan, and the unwanted advances of female characters, Salmacis, Aurora, etc. How do the consequences differ?

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