combine essays 1 2 and 3 they should all be on the same problem

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In a 10-15 PARAGRAPH academic essay, please explore a problem related to income disparity in society. Provide evidence the problem exists, which causes are most responsible, and propose and argue for one solution. Then outline your personal action plan to implement your solution. Provide evidence from at least 10 outside sources. You may copy and paste your paragraphs from Essays #1, #2, #3 for this essay


Your thesis should tell:

  1. What the limited topic is (problem)
  2. What your side is (main cause, best solution)
  3. Explanation (why you think so)

Again, you may copy and paste your paragraphs from Essays #1, #2, #3 for this essay: for this assignment only, this is not considered plagiarism.


  1. (new) Introductory paragraph: Include an introductory strategy (may be from essay #1, #2, or #3) and a new thesis that articulates the problem and solution your paper will address. Your thesis must tell: The main cause and possible solution, Your action plan about how you will implement your solution, and why your action plan will work
  1. Problem: Clearly define a specific problem in society. Feel free to cut and paste relevant body paragraphs from Essay #1 here.
  1. Causal Analysis: Discuss contributing causes of the problem and present one as most responsible. Feel free to cut and paste relevant body paragraphs from Essay #2 here.
  1. (new) Add a sentence or two that transitions between causal analysis and solution
  1. Solution: Outline a viable, specific solution to that problem. Explain why that solution would work. Prove why your solution would be better than another, competing solution. Feel free to cut and paste relevant body paragraphs from Essay #3 here.
  1. (new) Action Plan: Thoroughly outline an action plan to implement your solution. It must be innovative, viable, and new and make use of existing technology. It must answer this question: “How will you personally implement the solution?”
  1. (new) Concluding Paragraph: Include a concluding strategy (can be from essays 1,2, or 3) and restate your new thesis.
  1. (new) Works Cited: Combine sources from essays 2 and 3 (and any new ones) and re-alphabetize them into one list. Present a minimum of 10 sources.


  • An introductory paragraph with an introductory strategy and a thesis (6-12 sentences long total
  • Thesis must contain a limited topic, an argument, and an explanation.
  • Your research must come from 10 different sources
  • 8-13 body paragraphs, each with 8-12 sentences, properly structured.
    • Use quotes to provide evidence (2 quotes per body paragraph)
    • Introduce and cite your quotes and evidence
    • For every one sentence of summary or quote, include at least 2 sentences of analysis
  • A concluding paragraph of 6-12 sentences with a developed concluding strategy and thesis (restated).
  • The essay must be 10-15 paragraphs, typed, and double spaced in MLA format
  • The essay must maintain formal academic tone
  • Please include a works cited page


In the past, student typically have lost points in the following areas:

  1. Essay must be at least 10 paragraphs, not including works cited page.
  2. Be sure quotes are introduced.
  3. Be sure each body paragraph gives 2 quotes
  4. Be sure quotes, facts, stats, assertions are properly cited using parenthetical citation.
  5. Include a works cited page (re-alphabetized)
  6. Make sure you cite from at least 10 sources

Action Plan vs. Solution

A solution is how you will solve the problem. An action plan tells how you personally will enact that solution. If it needs funding, how will you raise it? If you have to spread a message, how will you do that? If you target education, what steps will you take to contact and convince local schools?

If you cannot think of an action plan, think about the following samples and apply them to your particular situation (feel free to adapt/adjust):

  • Draft a new law, get voter approval/signatures, put it on the ballot
  • Raise PAC funds,
  • Create an ad campaign
  • Interview neighborhood, find a good time-slot, enlist helpers, plan the meeting, create hand-outs
  • Contact local schools, create a presentation, create hand-outs,
  • Find local businesses to give freebies


A quote must be introduced and give a parenthetical citation. Be sure to properly punctuate!

The parenthetical citation gives the author’s last name and page number. If there is no author, use the title. If there is no page number, skip the page number.

Cite any information you get from an outside source. Each sentence that contains information must have its own parenthetical.

  • Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith 45).
  • No author? Use the title. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (“On Quoting” 45).
  • No page number? Skip the page number. Example: According to evidence, “quoting helps your argument” (Smith).

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