develop a goal framework for one weeks worth of instruction

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Since you learned about the goal framework in this lesson, it is time to chose an instructional goal to do for your project. As stated on the syllabus you are to develop a goal framework for one weeks worth of instruction on any topic and learner audience of your choice. You will also be required to develop a table of specifications from the goal framework, and this topic will be covered in next week’s lesson; and either a pretest, practice test, or post-test for your goal framework; which will be covered in subsequent lessons. You must develop a cognitive test that can be objectively scored. There are two examples for you to examine under the Assignment link. I suggest you go there and look them over as I have very specific directions on exactly what you are to submit and how.


One thing that I am particular about is file formatting. Do NOT submit pdf files, as I cannot directly comment on them, nor do I want Excel SS’s, rtf files, etc. Please use Microsoft WORD so that I can open them up electronically for grading and can use track changes and comments. Hand-written copy and submissions will not be accepted and all projects must be put into the Assignment box as ONE document (do NOT submit three separate files). I will not accept projects as email attachments.


Check out the drawing lesson that I made on how to make the goal framework in Microsoft Word.

Here is a summary of the Dick and Carey Model. Be sure to work through the Quizzes, Chapter Overviews, Related Sites, and Resources links at the Companion Website


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