english essay 600 words

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This essay gives you the opportunity to practice your argumentative skills. In 600 words, argue in favor or against one of the prompts below. Use at least two sources, APA Style, and include a reference page.

In this module, we have considered how history is being written around us in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I’ve invited you to write history by sharing your own account. I’ve asked you to consider what those around you are saying. With this in mind, select one of the prompts below and write an argumentative essay that builds a case in favor or against your prompt:

1. Unfortunately, the media–more specifically the major newspapers and news channels–have not been focusing on what really matters during this pandemic. If major newspapers and news channels were less focused on increasing audience numbers, they would do a better job at spreading news worth reading and supporting the community.

2. The discrimination toward certain groups that the pandemic generated over the last months is symptomatic of a larger issue in society.

Deadline: May 9th at midnight

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