i need a paper story written based on american natives

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Storytelling and performance are central to the art practices of most or all of the art traditions that we will be studying. In this project you will be connecting a traditional story, belief, or set of beliefs to a work of art or architecture from that tradition.

1.) Find a traditional indigenous story, belief, or set of beliefs from any of the indigenous Americas. Connect it to an indigenous work of art from the same peoples that is in our text (or in a major collection of indigenous American art) or to the built environment of that group. For example: certain stories from the Popol Vuh can readily be connected to some Mayan vases; raven stories can be connected to certain works from the Pacific Northwest; etc.

2.) In a brief paper:

a.) identify and describe the art or architecture that you have chosen.

b.) tell the story or explain the belief(s) that relate to your art.

c.) discuss the connection between the two.

d.) be sure to include a photograph of the art or architecture discussed, uploaded as a separate .jpg file.

e.) include a bibliography.

f.) cite the source for every statement of fact you make that is not demonstrated by you yourself.

g.) cite the source for any illustrations.

h.) use only scholarly or primary sources for art, stories, and illustrations.

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