if you can not answer the questions 100 correct don t take it

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1- How are humoral and cell-mediated immunity different from each other and what types of “invaders” do they each typically destroy?

2- List AND describe 3 ways that antibodies can inactivate foreign cells or substances.

3- Describe the steps involved in activating a specific immune response and how primary and secondary immune responses differ, Be sure to include in your answer how the clonal selection mechanism operates

4- Use an example to describe how endocrine control systems work and how the hypothalamus is related to the anterior pituitary and a peripheral endocrine gland, like the thyroid, adrenal cortex, or gonad

5- Choose an example of a hormone (e.g. epinephrine) that uses either CAMP or Ca++ as a second messenger. What are the stimuli for the release of the hormone? What are the steps in the process of changing what a target cell is doing? Give a specific example of a process that is changed in the target cell after the cell receives the hormone signal.


the answer will be in an easy form. one to two paragraph if needed.

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