mental health adult psychosocial assessment

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Please use the layout in the rubric attached (not a standard essay just fill in the sections), just plug and chug 🙂

Address the following areas for your Psychosocial Assessment. See Rubric

  • All assessments will be uploaded into Canvas as a Microsoft Word Document (.docx). No paper care plans will be accepted.
  • Each section must have a heading to explain what area is being addressed.
  • Students may also create boxes within the Word document with headings to address the outlined areas. APA formatting is mandatory for citations and references. You may use single spaces between lines of the care. Use double-space and hanging indent for your reference page (APA formatting).
  • Make sure all submitted documents have your name, care plan number, clinical date, clinical site, class, and level.
  • No late or incomplete assignments will be accepted regardless of the reason. Late or incomplete assignments will receive a zero.
  • Students are advised to use all the available resources to check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. (Examples: PURDUE OWL, Grammarly, school library)

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