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Need answers for two topics.


  • Select any two topics below and post an original thread of 350 to 500 words each in this week’s discussion forum. (20 points)

Compare and contrast software engineering and software development. How does software engineering and software development differ and how do they relate to each other?

Choose one of the four software development systems introduced in Chapter 1. Identify the following information about the system:

  • Purpose or goal of the system
  • Primary user(s) of the system
  • Five or more potential high-level requirements/specifications from highest to lowest priority
  • External dependencies, risks and/or other considerations when developing the system

What are the pros and cons of a waterfall versus an iterative or agile based process model? What types of software development projects might each be most suitable for? Identify the main process activities and how are they organized within each model.

Define what requirements or specifications are. Identify and explain the requirements engineering process and why it is important to software development.


  • For this assignment, create a UML activity diagram that illustrates how Bellevue University’s Blackboard system works based on how you interact with it.Include at least 5 elements or process boxes within your diagram


Use the drawing features within applications like Word, PowerPoint or Visio to generate the diagram. If Visio is used, print the file to a .pdf format prior to submitting it for grading.

APA Format and NO Plagiarism.

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