the role of media and socialization agents

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The Role of Media and Socialization Agents

Media is an important agent of socialization, and in this assignment you will explore how media functions in that role related to messages about cultural diversity. You will also examine other socialization agents, their influence in your life, and their contribution to cultural diversity. Be sure to complete Parts 1 and 2 of this worksheet before submitting the assignment.

Part 1

Resource:Identities and Inequalities, Ch. 3

Select a commercial, television show, or movie to watch and discuss. Identify 2 actors in your selected media. Discuss the actors’ roles and whether they are portrayed from a culturally diverse perspective. From your selected media review, answer each of the following questions in 70 to 175 words:

  • What was the selected media that you reviewed, and what were the roles of your selected actors?
  • How do the actors portray race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, or other cultural identifiers?
  • What stereotypes are associated with their roles?
  • Were nontraditional roles portrayed by the actors (e.g., stay at home dad)? If so, what were those? If not, what were potential nontraditional roles that the actors could have portrayed? Be sure to explain how these nontraditional roles differ from typical stereotypes and how these nontraditional roles could affect perceptions of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability.
  • In your opinion, did your selected media impact your views of cultural diversity? Be sure to explain.

Part 2

Resource:Identities and Inequalities, Ch. 4

Write a minimum of 175 to 350 words on the following:

  • Define, in your own words, agents of socialization.
  • Identify two agents of socialization that have influenced your life.
  • Describe how agents of socialization contribute to perceptions about cultural diversity.

Submit your assignment.

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