what are you noticing about how language is used

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Final Project: Paper and Presentation Instructions

Your final assessment for this course has two parts.

Part I: Noticing Activity & Paper (70 Points)

Your assignment for this portion of your final assessment in this course is to pay close attention to the language usage around you. We are now all in these virtual environments now. What are you noticing about how language is used? You have the freedom to choose the chapter (s), or sections of multiple chapters in your book and use the content to analyze, explain, make sense of, the context or environment you are choosing to “notice”. Some students chose their workplace, others chose their home environment, some chose their classes, or book clubs, or gaming groups. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you are selecting the appropriate linguistic theories through which to analyze.

Paper Requirement:

  • 3-5 pages in length
  • Types, 12-point Times New Roman, and double-spaced
  • Cite at least 5 different sources (PRO TIP: check the end of each chapter that you have chosen for sources they cites and check the LAVC Library (Links to an external site.) to retrieve them!)
  • MLA Format

General Paper Structure:

  • Introduction to your linguistic theory, or theories you are using for analysis and a connection to the context or environment you chose
  • Body Paragraphs – explain the connections, associations, between what you are noticing with the theories. What are your thoughts? Provide details and examples to make your paper come alive.
  • Conclusion

“””””****There is a second part to this paper, it’s a group assignment. If you could read the instructions and based on what you wrote for part one help me to come up with a reply to the group discussion I will really appreciate it. THANK YOU!****”””” – MIKE

Part II: Collaborative Group Project – Worth 30 Points

The point of this is to connect what you have learned over the last 16 weeks to your everyday lives. Be creative and think critically. Oftentimes, the application of linguistic theory can be a bit abstract to truly be able to discuss in a paper. This is why your classmates play an important role in this piece. Together you can all share the context you have chosen, the linguistic theory and discuss amongst one another how you are making connections. You don’t have to choose the same things, but most often groups do come to some kind of consensus and they end up choosing complimentary sections of the textbook.

The “presentation” is an artistic representation of your paper.

Format: (anything really)

  • Google Slide(s)
  • Graphic Design – art representation
  • Images/display

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