one page resource list bullying

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You will create a resource list that provides educators and other school stakeholders useful information about how to best address bullying, discrimination, hazing, youth violence or harassment for a particular group of students. This is an opportunity for you to zoom in on a population of students about whom you may have a particular interest. And it is an opportunity for us to support each other in building a resource library. Your resource should include 4 resources and should look like an annotated bibliography. It should be no longer than one single spaced page in length.

  • The sources in your resource list can come exclusively from the syllabus for the course but you are encouraged (but not required) to also include references outside of the class readings and supplemental materials.
  • At least two of the 4 references should come from peer-reviewed academic journals.
  • Please use APA formatting when including your references in your annotated bibliography
  • Please include a small paragraph at the beginning of the resource list describing your population of interest, defining the behavior that you are focusing on, as well as the intended audience of your resource list (e.g., parents, teachers, school administrators).

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