1000 word essay 6

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This paper is truly important to your understanding and overall knowledge of the Christian Faith. As Conner (1997) noted, any discussion that considers man in relation to God is incomplete that does not take account of the fact of sin. He goes on to say, “much of the discussion in this realm misses the way because it either ignores or misinterprets sin” (Connor, 1997). Therefore, based on the assertion by Connor, in preparation to the consideration of the doctrine of salvation, one must examine the doctrine of sin. I hope this helps any questions please contact me ASAP. God bless!


Connor, W.T., 1997. Christian Doctrine. Nashville, Tennessee. Broadman Press.

Hello learners. I thought it would be a good idea for you to view a sample paper. I know that many of you may be having some struggles with writing in a scholarly way. Please notice the style and application in which a scholarly paper should appear. This is just an example please feel free to check out the “bibliography” or in your case “references” page. It means the same just different depending on your style of writing. In the case of this sample paper, it is not APA style. However, It is a turabian style paper. That’s why you see bibliography instead of references page at the end. Nevertheless, read and learn some writing techniques. Please remember the honor code in academics. Which means NO plagiarism. This paper is someone else’s intellectual property. However, feel free to research and look at the books used to write the paper. I hope this helps. Remember, your goal is to become better writers and researchers. This will strength as you continue on your academic journey. Please contact me by phone if you need any questions answered. I hope this helps

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