easy short paragraph 3

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Please respond to two of the following prompts.

Prompt 1

  • Explain the advantages of using a Microsoft Word template to write an effective set of minutes. Describe any experience you have had using an online template

Prompt 2

  • In what ways are the following definitions flawed?
  1. “Booting a computer is when you turn it on.”
  2. “In a bankruptcy action, a nonsecured debt is a debt that is not secured.”
  3. “A transistor is a device used in transistorized electronic equipment.”
  4. “Bubonic plague is caused by an organism known as Pasteurella pestis.”
  5. “A cactus is a succulent.”

Prompt 3

  • A feasibility report is an argument that answers three kinds of questions. Explain

Prompt 4

  • Define the four types of signal words used to indicate safety information. Explain why the following would not be an effective safety label: “It is required that safety glasses be worn when inside this laboratory.”


Initial Post

  • Minimum 150 words
  • Include at least one reference from the text or outside source in your analysis

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