mat120 polynomial functions and factoring

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For the discussion board assignment in each unit, you will complete the problem associated with the letter that you have been assigned by the instructor. Post the entire example/word problem you have been assigned from the textbook. Then fully explain how you would go about finding the solution. Please explain all steps in a way that a struggling classmate could understand and learn from your methods.

Professional communication is expected in all posts, which includes proper spelling and grammar, and providing source information when using outside resources.

Each unit Discussion Forum will be worth 5 points and will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Problem is stated at the start of the post
  • All work/explanation for assigned problem is shown
  • Correct solution
  • Proper grammar and spelling are used

This is the Letter assigned to me below and the entire question to that letter.

R. Section 5.2

Explain how to square a binomial difference. Give an example.

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