writing a summary discussion lead for an article about 300 500 words

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You will choose to lead one discussion about one of the readings this semester. As the discussion leader, your job will be to summarize the readings and pose discussion questions for your peers in the class. Your discussion questions should also tie in larger themes/issues from both texts. You will post these on our course subreddit two days before the reading response is due (example: if the reading response is due Tuesday, you should post your full discussion lead by Sunday), and your colleagues will respond on your post by Tuesday.

In this discussion, tackle these steps about the reading: ● Provide a basic summary of the reading. ● What are the arguments the author is making? ● How do these arguments apply to social media writing? ● What are some important terms or definitions that appear in the text? ● Provide 2-3 questions for your peers to answer. These questions should ask your colleagues to engage more deeply with the text on an individual, cultural, and/or political level

Here’s the article: https://journal.transformativeworks.org/index.php/twc/article/view/891/666

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