african american history final write up due tonight

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This assignment is a summary and analysis of one primary and two secondary sources you find from two specific online locations. Primary source: Summarize and Analyze the Complexities of the Civil Rights Movement. Secondary sources: Students who summarize and analyze the bullet points below sufficiently, along with adhering to all the requirements for this assignment will receive an A grade for their three-page paper:

•Martin Luther King, Jr.

•Ella Baker

•Malcolm X

•The first page should include three paragraphs to provide a summary of the three sources. In the first sentence of each paragraph on the first page, include the URL link of the source you are writing about in that particular paragraph.

•The second and third pages should be an analysis of all the sources.

•Read three sources (one primary and two secondary) based on the chosen topic. Find your sources from the A – Z databases found on the Los Angeles Pierce College Library Website homepage (, and/or PBS (<>). You will only be allowed to find your primary or secondary sources from these two online locations.Only from these databases.

•Double spaced, times new roman, 12 font, three pages.

•Please do not use quotes in your paper of any kind. Instead use your own words.

•No heading information


•Use Times New Roman and 12-point font when writing your Three-Page Paper:Example of how paper should look: Research Exercise Topic #3 Summary for Primary Source: Place the URL link here: Begin your Summary….

Summary for Secondary Source:Place the URL link here: Begin your Summary…

Summary for Secondary Source:Place the URL link here: Begin your Summary…

The Remaining Pages Should Include an Analysis of All of your Sources

Please make essay four pages! Need four pages for extra credit.

Please refer to websites provided in link

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