business ethics questions 5

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1) Do you agree with Michael Sandel’s assessment that we are becoming a “market society” enabling a pushing out of certain values? And, as he asks, “are we cheapening important social goods — and civic goods –that are worth caring about?” Please discuss. (HALF A PAGE) (NO QUOTES PLEASE)


2) In the “To Ship or Not to Ship” case example, please respond to the questions at the end of the case and discuss how you came to your conclusions. (HALF A PAGE)

3) Regardless of where each of our political biases lie, a lot of people felt overwhelmed at many points during the recent Presidential campaign. Without launching into a political discussion (please!), what do you think the impact of recent campaign ethics and corporate ethics failures (think Volkswagen, Wells Fargo) have on the business community in general?

Please discuss what each of us can do to reduce corruption in our workplace, community and the world at large.

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