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Discussion Boards are a major part of the course as well as a big part of your overall grade in the course. Interaction is the key to learning! For this course, interaction is based on discussion board posts.

  • Each student must post their own response to the discussion board question (called an original thread) along with posting a response to at least two other student postings (called a peer response).
  • When you respond to a peer posting, you don’t always have to agree with them. Use your critical thinking skills and analyze their response, give more details or challenge their assumptions. Being a good student means using critical thinking!
  • You will want to create discussion board assignments that are meaningful and interesting to you personally and to your colleagues in the class.

Textbook References: Clear references to the textbook are required in both the original thread post and both peer responses for all course DBs.

  • Textbook references should come from the chapter(s) specified in the assignment prompt and be clearly connected to your post and the assignment topic.
  • Be sure and include the chapter and page number from the textbook in your posts, for example (chapter 2, 59), just as you would do for any research paper/post!

DBs: You can earn a total of 15 points per discussion board: 10 points maximum for your original thread posting and 5 points maximum for your response to 2 or more other student’s postings:

  • Original posts should be at least 500-600 words total and have a least 1 textbook reference from each specified chapter. You will have 2 references per original DB post.
  • Each of the two peer responses should be at least 150 words each in length and have a least 1 textbook reference from the specified chapter. You will have a textbook reference in each of your peer response posts.

4 horsemen

Chapter 11: Watch Dr. Gottman describe The Four Horseman (9:59)

Making Relationships Work | Part 2 | Dr. John Gottman (Links to an external site.)Making Relationships Work | Part 2 | Dr. John Gottman

Answer the following questions:

  1. What information stood out for you from the video?
  2. What advice would you give to romantic partners so they can be “masters” and not “disasters?”
  3. What can couples do to prevent meeting the Four Horsemen?
  4. Gottman stated that repair work is the “sine qua non” of relationships, and that the quality of the friendship, intimacy, emotional connection and creation of shared meaning and purpose are important for couples to be “masters.” Do you agree with these statements? Why or why not?
  5. Be sure to include terms from the chapter to help support your claims.

Chapter 12: Defensiveness implies protecting ourselves from a perceived threat. The universal tendency is to try to “save face” by defending our presenting self when we perceive that it has been attacked by what social scientists call face-threatening acts. Frequently, this creates a climate that leads to a negative defensive spiral.

For this DB, you will do the following:

  1. Identify two different times when you perceived that you were under attack and responded by using one of the Gibb defensive categories. Briefly describe each situation and your response.
  2. Identify the Gibb category you used.
  3. Describe how you might have otherwise responded in order to create a more positive and supportive climate.
  4. Analyze your defensive behavior. In general, do you consider yourself a “defensive” person? Why or why not? Are there certain topics that tend to trigger your defensiveness? Are there certain people with whom you are more defensive than normal?
  5. Be sure to include terms from the chapter to help support your claims

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