hi i would like u to read the following paragraph and write one page about the subject below:

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hi i would like u to read the following paragraph and write one page about the subject below:

Note: refrences are included.


Concept: Creative Destruction


Topic: Iphone


Creative Destruction is the economic process where a new development replaces some prior development. The technological development of the iPhone has impacted various other devices that came before it, such as: cameras, mp3 players, books, maps and etc. With the invention of the iPhone it made other technologies unnecessary because the iPhone can single handedly complete all of the other jobs that the other devices do. Through our research our group is going to be focusing on the effects of creative destruction in the technological economy focusing on the iPhone. We will explain in depth how past technology declines as new technology arrives in the world. While researching, we have found information about creative destruction, technology over the years, as well as statistics. The amount of sales and profits that iPhone has received these past few years, and how the sales for cameras has decreased. 




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