i need one to help me edit my draft essay into final draft please read the articles relate to bronze and edit my essay based on those instructions

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Paper #2: Summary of Robert Bagley’s “Shang Ritual Bronzes: Casting Technique and Vessel Design”

This paper is a brief summary of Robert Bagley’s “Shang Ritual Bronzes: Casting Technique and Vessel Design,” Archives of Asian Art 43 (1990), pp. 6-20. Reprinted in idem., Gombrich among the Egyptians, pp. 120-41. The essay can be found in the Week 4 files on Canvas. His essay is closely focused on the history of casting techniques and the development of decoration in ancient Chinese bronzes, which you have been studying this week. Similar to the first essay you summarized by Bagley, he is analyzing artifacts, as well as the methodologies of archaeology and art history. So, be sure you understand both the physical and textual evidence he uses.

Since this is another short summary and you are already familiar with Bagley’s approach to studying visual culture, you will all be able to build upon the skills you have already begun to develop. Please articulate a precise description of the main arguments Bagley advances and the principal evidence he adduces to support his assertions. It is intended to develop your skills as a critical reader and to show your ability to formulate and articulate your observations in written form. In this paper, you are not supposed to make your own argument. Rather, you should summarize the content of the reading by addressing these questions:

  • What is the topic of the article?
  • What is the central argument of the author?
  • Which kind of evidence (pictorial, scholarly) does the author draw upon to support his argument?
  • How does he use said evidence to support his conclusion?

Remember that every time you quote, paraphrase or summarize others’ work, facts, ideas, etc. you must cite your source. For this assignment, use parenthetical citations at the end of each sentence where you use Bagley’s text. For example: (Bagley 114). Footnotes and endnotes are also acceptable if used with a correct and consistent format. Since you will only use one reading for this assignment, you are not required to have a list of works cited at the end of the paper, nor should you require any outside research.

The paper should be 250-500 words long, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins and Times New Roman font, size 12. As with all assignments, please properly label your file, “last name_rough draft paper 2_Art H 212”. You will be asked to submit your file on Canvas as a .pdf

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