marketing research 29

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My Research Question: The Federal Government agencies are looking for contractors (outside the government) to perform Professional Services as for assistance such as with engineering; environmental, logistics, consulting, or language services. How can contractors (outside the government) market their business to and partnership with Federal Government agencies in order to be a enhanced supplier to the Federal customers?

TOPIC 1: Mid-Point Check-In

We are at the mid-point in our course!

Please provide feedback on how you are progressing toward the learning outcomes stated for the course. Share, in addition, a tip or recommendation you have for the rest of the class for staying focused, organized and successful for the rest of the course.

You don’t need to interact and you don’t need a reference.

What kind of sampling will you use?

Why is this the best choice for your research?

What kind of data will you collect (qualitative or quantitative)?

Why is this the best type of data for your research question?

PLEASE CITE RESOURCES. This is not an opinion question – you should be able to respond and support your answers with references to the literature; use APA.

Please use at least three (3) References.

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