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read part 1 and 2 and write 1 comment about each part:no need for resource just write your comments and thoughts and it shouldn’t be too long and not too short.

part 1: (Question #5: Executive functions, self-regulation, and social-emotional learning are pivotal in early school success and lifelong learning. Which practices, interventions, and educational models promote effective teaching and learning?

Rationale: Early childhood professionals need assistance from researches to synthesize research findings into a single set of recommendations for effective classroom practice. Executive functions, self-regulation, and social-emotional learning are crucial to academic success. Educational practices should focus on the development of these fundamental skills through different teaching models, such as the Pyramid Model, emphasizing the importance of relationships, the environment, teaching social-emotional skills, and providing interventions. In the Transactional Model of effective teaching and learning, the main focus is on the transactions that occur between teacher and child; the model consists of four components: child and teacher attributes, developmental domains, and the space of teacher-child interactions (Cameron, 2015).)

part 2: (Question # 5: What are the hidden reasons for between parents and school relationship in making the educational journey and the development processes of children at its satisfactory level?


Parents and school’s relationship in its general form view has many advantages in making the learning experiences of children to be successful, but I think that especially in early childhood settings, there are some hidden reasons to this success. I think that this relationship would give parents and schools the chance of escalating any issues as they arise and this is one of the hidden reasons.)

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