sales amp customer relationship mgmt subject chapter reflection amp a moral question on inflating your expense account

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Hi, I want you to write a discussion post in which first you have to reflect on the readings of the 2nd chapter (Ethics first…. then Customer Relationships) of the textbook.

“Reflect on the assigned readings for the week (2nd chapter). Identify what you thought was the most important concepts, methods, terms, and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding”.

For this I will give the instructions on how to access the online-textbook from Mc-Graw Hill website. & also, I will be attaching a Power point presentation of 2nd chapter from my professor.

Read through the textbook and glance through the power point & then write a reflection of what you thought was most important concepts, methods from the chapter.

Next part of the question:

Also, provide a response to the following question:

“Imagine that you are being encouraged to inflate your expense account. Do you think your choice would be most affected by your individual moral development or by the cultural values of the company for which you worked? Explain.”

First part of the question is about writing a reflection of chapter 2 and second part of the question is to respond to the question of inflating your expense account.

Both the questions combined word count should be minimum of 500 words. It means for this discussion post word count is 500 words.

Ok now, the instructions for accessing the textbook from Mc-Graw Hill website:

Go to:

Hit Sign in – on the top right corner of the website.

Then, pop-up list comes up: in this list select—My bookshelf

Then, enter login details: email –> Password: Sales001*

In the next screen, you will see the option to Access the e-book.

When you hit that button, textbook will open in a new tab. For easy navigation in textbook screen on the top left corner you will see the table of contents. In which you can see list of different concepts of the chapter.

So, That’s it! Those are the instructions for writing the assignment.

Good Luck!!

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