Atp synthase

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ATP synthases are found in the prokaryotic plasma membranes and in
mitochondria and chloroplasts. What does this suggest about the evolutionary
relationship of these eukaryotic organelles to prokaryotes? How might the amino
acid sequences of the ATP synthases from the different sources to support or
refute your hypothesis. 

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes Evolution

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Prokaryotes were the original free existing cells. However, there interrelation led to the formation of other cells that engulfed them. The engulfing cells are the eukaryotes while the engulfed prokaryotes combine to form organelles like mitochondria. On the contrary, plastids are the source of power in eukaryotic cells. Chloroplasts are an example of plastids whose role is to power energy that keeps the eukaryotes active and complex (Lynch and Marinov, 2018). The difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes is that the latter has organelles like mitochondria that produce ATP energy while the former generates energy from the cell surface. Hence, this creates a difference in size and operational capacity. The endosymbiosis theory explains the relationship that prokaryotes have with eukaryotes. Due to this relationship, there is a similar sequence in the amino acids ATP synthase despite the different sources (Lynch an Marinov, 2018). There are a total of 38 ATPs in the prokaryotes while eukaryotes have 36 ATPs due to activity. However, the sequence of ATP synthase in both cells is F0F1.


Lynch, M., & Marinov, G. (2018). Correction: membranes, energetics, and evolution across the prokaryote-eukaryote divide. Elife7, e35006.

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